Play Time is Over… Or is it?

February 20th is at our door steps and sleeping ’till 3 pm will be a nice but blurry memory.

No more “awar glb”

No more chocolate bar

No more “gaz” in the so called “Love street”

But those things aside, school life in KU isn’t that bad, especially in my beloved college, my lovely college of arts.

It’s in Kaifan which is one of the hot spots of Kuwait, everything is close by, and it’s not that far from my house.

I’m kinda sad that I won’t be attending any classes with my favorite teacher of all E.J, I will miss you.

but things aren’t all sad, I will be attending 4 English classes next semester ensha’allah and maybe 2 other classes

I will be taking are:

Intro to world literature

Oral presentation

Intro to linguistics

And finally eastern philosophy

Both Fahad and I are talking these courses and maybe I’ll add one more course.

So back to business, “Back to school”, it’s a phrase that we all dreaded as children when we saw it in supermarkets and such.

Forward 13 years in my second year at KU, I have mixed feelings now, I used to hate waking up early, now it became a habit, I loathed the idea of exams, but a certain teacher made me love to compete in them -yes I’m talking about you Dr.M.R-, I used to…

Heck I hated almost everything about it, but now I actually enjoy it.

Who can blame me, I have tons of amazing friends, both students and teachers, I have a lot of fun in my English classes, everything is close to my campus, AND I get my muse to write about stuff here.

So all ‘n all I think college life in KU is pretty fun.

Keep reading and supporting and from i3lami we wish good luck for everybody in their studies.




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