Celebrations.. sigh

When we go to any major mall in Kuwait such as 360 Mall or The Avenues we see stuff that will just stun you and make you just wonder is this actually happening.

In February, when people in Kuwait celebrate the national and independence days, people in Kuwait are taking it too seriously.

This will just make you wonder if they are really celebrating ? or are they just following the “Haba” for this month ?

Yesterday (Thursday February 10th) I took my 2 young brothers to the avenues because they insisted to go to magic planet and I saw stuff that really stunned me.

I saw t-shirts – sweaters etc. which had this logo “The ( I ❤ Kuwait ) Logo ” and before people used to wear Superman and I love London t-shirts and sweaters but as usual. When it comes to “haba” Kuwait beats everybody.

Well I think its okay if they wear “I love London” since it’s the common one that all people wear around the world, but seriously com on people, can’t we stop imitating, can’t we come up with something that we excel in? something that says to people “I’m Kuwaiti and I’m proud”.


Do you actually think that when we got our independence people where wearing “I love Kuwait shirts” ? heck no, they actually loved Kuwait and showed it by making Kuwait the magnificent place we live in now.

I love Kuwait don’t get me wrong but stuff like this ? oh c’mon !! we all love to celebrate our independence day but the way they are celebrating they are actually offending the country because this style became ” Style Halaga ”

We are showing people that Kuwaitis are forgetting everything about their past and paving a way for this new ugly way of celebrating.

Even in Dubai there are still traditional celebrations and they even kept some of their traditional buildings.

So this year why don’t we show people that we are proud of our past not just spend the day throwing water balloons and spraying foam

The Celebration used to be a tradition …… this is no tradition! sigh




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