Students’ allowance KD 350 for married, 200 for singles: Education Affairs

The Parliamentary Committee for Education Affairs in the National Assembly held a meeting on Sunday morning to discuss several proposals including students’ allowance increment.
Chairman of the Committee MP Jamaan Al-Harbash said that the proposal was made by MPs Waleed Al-Tabatabaie, Faisal Al-Mislem and himself. The approval of the new proposal means that students of Kuwait University and Public Authority for Applied Training and Education (PAATE) will receive 200 Kuwaiti dinars, which is an extra KD 100 than previous allowances. Although the initial proposal for married men and women were suggested KD 300, the committee decided to go for KD 350 instead.
The committee also discussed the situation in Egypt and the various difficulties facing Kuwaiti students from a political point of view. It also discussed the possibility of changing the academic status of Public Authority for Applied Training and Education from a mere public authority to an independent one.
The three MPs who proposed the students’ allowance increment had earlier suggested that Kuwaiti students married to Kuwaiti women should earn KD 300 on the condition that they remain married and they do not receive social support from any state departments. As for the single Kuwaitis, they should receive KD 200 under similar conditions. In their explanatory statement appended to the bill, the MPs argued that the cost of living standard had changed and the prices of goods and commodities had gone up and therefore in order to encourage Kuwaiti students to continue their studies and never leave universities to search for work increasing the allowance would be inevitable under such circumstances.
Different student groups have welcomed the allowance increase but warned at the same time that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry needs to intensify its inspection activities to stop superficial increase in prices as some greedy businessmen would take advantage of such allowance increment and raise the prices of basic commodities.
Head of the Independence Student Group Khalaf Al-Enizi said that the increment is a right for each student to put up with the rise of living standard. Similarly, The Democratic Group Head Mr. Menawer Al-Mutairi said that it would be a true investment in the long run and more settling for students who were seeking to drop out and look for employment.

Source : ALWatan Daily

All I can say congratulations to KU-Students and happy spending!




5 thoughts on “Students’ allowance KD 350 for married, 200 for singles: Education Affairs

  1. Well, there is a huge discount for KU students on books, if I recall correctly it was either 40% or 60%, let’s hope that things will remain the same, and that they do not increase other things 🙂

    Oh and the increase of the allowance also entitles the public authorities of applied education, and the students in private colleges.

  2. yea, Kuniv have 40% discount on books and they are suggesting that they are going to increase it to 60% but still didnt see anything

    and yea as u said for PAEET and Private collages also thanks don musallam for checking the blog 😛

  3. tnx fhaidan for the information,i am studying in Heriot-Watt university Dubai campus, which provides same certificates,education and even transfer to Edinburgh campus..,i find it strange kuwait is not aware of its existence lol,,,i think i should go to ministry of higher education..,if u dnt let me know how to do the procedures for the allowance.

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