To Enroll, or Not to Enroll?

As you can see from the topic, this is a question I personally get asked a lot,

“Hey Azeez, should I enroll in 4 or 5 courses?”

“Hey Azeez, is this Doctor any good?”

“Hey Azeez, does this Doctor give good grades?”

“Bro, I didn’t enroll yet, HELP, how do I enroll now?”

The answer to all of these questions is:


I’m just a student like you!

If you want to know how many courses, just think to yourself, how many courses can you take WITHOUT totally ignoring 1 course

For example, I took 4 courses since the day i set foot in the college of arts, I felt comfortable with this amount of courses.

But I’m the kind of guy who likes to challenge himself, so I might take 5 or 6 courses this semester.

So now we are done with how many courses one should take.

Next tackle the point about the Doctors.

In my 2 years in KU I haven’t yet encountered the proverbial “Evil Doctor”

In my experiences Doctors don’t just hate students for no reason, I took courses with all kinds of Doctors, angels and “so called Evil Doctors”

And now I’m friends with most of them, the rest are just too formal for my taste.

NO doctor in KU has ever given me a low grade just to spite me.

Lets say you heard a story about an “Evil Doctor”, Lets call him Dr.X

It’s always a story about a friend of a friend that took a course with Dr.X and he failed him for no good reason.

Did you ever think of what that guy did to Dr.X?

Did he attend the classes? did he do well in exams? and the list goes on and on.

Believe me my dear reader, every story has 2 sides. and Never judge a book by it’s cover.

As for grades I can give a simple and effective answer that guarantees an A.

Just follow these pointers:

-Attend your classes, there are no excuses for missing 20 classes!

-Get to know your teacher, you might end up friends 🙂

-Study, I can’t stress this enough, if you think of these exams as a game it will be a lot easier for you.

And always remember, an exam is just paper and ink, don’t let it stress the life out of you.

-Be on time, teachers love that 😉

Last but not least, is actually enrolling in courses.

You have been given more than a few chances to apply by the net.

If you were too lazy to do so you can always go to Kaifan, and enroll by force!

There is 1 last thing I want to add before I end this post,

College life is the last time you will call yourself a student, it’s the final few strokes in the painting that is your life.

So live it to just pass it by. because if you lose track of it you’ll see it pass right in front of your eyes.

Best wishes,




2 thoughts on “To Enroll, or Not to Enroll?

  1. this is serious stuff
    you are totally right azeez
    i hope people get it and you and i had this course which everybody just said he is Dr evil but it turned out to be Dr Angel !

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