You’ve been MediaED !!

Mediaed ? What’s Mediaed

Hi guys, how are you doing?

Well I know the question that poped in every one’s mind right now, and that is what is mediaed ?

Mediaed (Adj.) : is to be owned by “The media guys” AKA (Azeez , Fahad ) (6)

we just came up with this word and we couldn’t stop saying it , Every time we see something we cannot help it but criticize it, it just pops out by it self !!

Yesterday Azeez , Nasser and I went to out to have some fun and I swear to god Nasser was so confused about the word that he shouted “Enough!!”  “tra shageetoona”,

When ever Nasser says something wrong and we correct him either Azeez or I would just respond to him by saying:


Azeez why do i think you will edit this post?

***Because I did***


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