Today (Sunday February 20th) in the first day of the semester, I noticed something quite disturbing, there is so little things done to help the handicapped.
I live a year without being able to walk, I broke my femur and had a concussion and internal bleeding from a car accident from a few months before that.
Today my leg was acting up and I actually had difficulty breathing, from an ailment.
so I wanted to use the elevator (I actually have a card showing that I need these facilities) whenever I had to use the elevator, it was a minimum wait of 5-10 minutes, and that is mostly because a lot of students (girls) just don’t want to tire themselves by using the stairs.
The facilities that I could find in the college of arts are as follow:
2 elevators
A few ramps here and there
and some sort of machine that lifts students in wheel chairs to “Al Otaibi” building
Now let me ask you, is that enough?
my answer is NO
It’s not
how can a huge college which every student gets lost in have just two elevators?
And why aren’t there braille writings written on the classes e.g.. the room number.
I took a few courses with a few blind students it’s really hard for them!
I never saw one braille book with them, the solution they were given is books on tape.
But because of that most of them had to drop certain courses that had a lot of reading in it.
You might say that I took this matter too seriously, but that’s because it is!
I had a lot of difficulties in my first semester when I had to come with crutches because I actually just had surgery then on my femur, I had to put a rod and a few screws so I can walk.
Think of this, if a guy with a broken leg had this much trouble, what do you say about handicapped students in the college?
I’m not writing this to nag or just to show the the wrong this in KU,
I love KU but when it comes to accessibility, it hits a nerve in me.
I’m writing this to prod, KU can be better than this, much better in my opinion
We just need a push to get us started.


6 thoughts on “Accessibility?!

  1. thank you abdulaziz for this intersting subjuct yeah really that is a big issues in our (art collage) and you are right my must move and solve those problems and find a slutions

    thanx azoz: your best friend nasser

  2. this is really the whole point of this blog , to make our voices reaches the dean office and make a move to solve it , Aziz you just touched my heart and iam asure everybody who reads heart

    thanks for mentioning that

    and it been said before “مايحس فيها الا الي عايش فيها”

  3. I totally agree with you. Not enough is done for these students or even for academic staff.
    ELU Arts moved into the Al Otaibi building Fall semester 2004. I returned to Kuwait on crutches having torn both the ACL and MCL of my left knee. The lovely blue wheelchair lift didn’t work one day and I was unable to go to my office. The one time we had a meeting in the basement, I had to take the wheelchair lift on the hidden side stairs to the basement, only to find the door locked.
    I once forced a group of female students out of a lift so that a male student in a wheelchair could use the lift. He had been there waiting for 10 minutes. I also made another group split up so that there was room for a student on crutches. The signs outside the lifts say that priority should be given to handicapped students and to staff.

    • giving up one’s place in the elevator for a person who needs it isn’t a sacrifice it’s just common curtsy.
      I think a lot more can be done in this area than just these things

  4. I totally agree with you that it is EXTREMELY frustrating that the people who don’t need the elevators get to use them the most. Shame on them.

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