“Accessibility?!” Update

Yesterday (Thursday the 24th of February 2011), it was around noon when I encountered the laziest person I have ever had the misfortune of meeting,

It was just after I had finished my classes, my friends accompanied me to the elevator as usual and we saw something appalling, after a group of girls went out of the elevator, we pressed the call button to go down, what I saw then still makes me laugh to tears, when we were about to enter we saw a girl still in there, so we stayed out, after a few seconds we pressed it again, she was still in there, then she replied smugly “sorry I’ll just want to go up”, so we waited some more, then it hit us, we all looked at each other, and simultaneously realized THAT WE WERE ON THE THIRD FLOOR!.


When we realized that we went into a hysteric laughter, after she realized that she was a terrible lier, she went out in shame without any eye contact, apparently the girl was touching up her makeup in the elevator!

All I can say is shame on you, there are a lot of bathrooms and classes in the campus, are you really too lazy to walk to one of them?




One thought on ““Accessibility?!” Update

  1. yeah i saw her 😉 what we can do aziz if the best job of kuwait university girls is putting make -up and using the elevator for a litle picnic loool

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