To Hell With The Handicapped!

To hell with the handicapped, yeah you heard me, to hell with them, why should I care if they have special needs?

Why should I give them my place in the elevator that I don’t need?

I really don’t care that they need special help, as long as they don’t inconvenience me I don’t care what happenes to them.

Who cares that they can’t walk, see or even speak, I can do all that but I still want all the services that are offered to help them, I wake up at 10 am every morning! I don’t have time to walk up two flights of stairs every morning, I’ll just use the elevator that is meant for the handicapped and tha faculty that I have no right to use.

Sadly, a lot of people think that way, today (Thursday 1st of march 2011) we saw something very disturbing, but why should I tell you when I can show you.

I guess a Picture is truly worth a thousand words.


Azeez & Fhaidan


8 thoughts on “To Hell With The Handicapped!

  1. Bravo for taking this important issue on. It really is shameful. There is no problem for healthy fit people to use the lift IF there is nobody who needs to use it. Priority should be given to the handicapped and the staff members or even to those carrying heavy things with them.

  2. Eeee Nsait
    thanks azeez for the cool headline 😛
    Ee oo one question who took this awesome expressing picture

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