Who Cares About The Students?!

It’s been about a month since we started the new semester and already we have problems, we already have a few quizzes and tests every now and then, but WE DON’T HAVE BOOKS!, every time I go to the bookstore they tell us either the book didn’t come or it just got sold out, how can that be possible?, I was lucky enough to get one of the books I need, but a I’m still missing a major book, one which that has all the stories I need for a course I’m taking, I had two test in that specific course and I had to study from a less than complete note and the papers our dear Dr gave us because all of us don’t have the book.

If it can’t guarantee students their books at the start of the course how is it a good college? hopefully we’ll get the books before the finals :/

PS: If you’re thinking why don’t I get the book from any other book store, it costs over 25 KD, all we get as students is 100 KD, and you expect us to spend a quarter of our income for a book while the government is supposed to help us with 40% of the price?





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