Should I Commit Suicide

Hello everybody today I wanted to talk about our collage static life
I think we missed this part the most

Since we started thise semester , everything was going so smoothly but to every coin there is another side, Tomorrow azeez and I have 3 quizzes and one presentation quite stressing isn’t it ? but I think this system of studying is good because I can see my competence and how am I doing in these subjects , And it’s much better than waiting until the midterm and than things might go wrong

So tell me how is collage treating you so far


2 thoughts on “Should I Commit Suicide

  1. dont kill urself!!! i mean not now 😛
    wait till finals so ur frnds at least gets str8 A’s xD
    anyway yea its actually a good way to teach u to be organised and think what are my priorities
    its also a good way to learn how will u deal with stress in the work place
    enjoy college life while u can

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