I Want My Freeeeeeeeedooooooooooom


Hello guys, I wanted to rant about the latest injustice that happened to me in Kuwait, I’m a photographer, it’s my passion in life, it helps me relax after a grueling day of studying, working, writing and even running errands from time to time, after all that I like to unwind, I like to let loose, so I usually like to go to a nice quite spot where no soul can bother me and take a lovely shady corner, get out my photography gear, and start snapping pictures.

Just when I get to my sweet spot and start grooving, a security guard comes, tells me what are you doing? I tell him I’m an amateur photographer and I’m trying to snap some pictures, he then comes and tells me if you want to photograph you can’t use a tripod (a camera stand), I always ask why, he then tells me so you don’t get good pictures, I was so disgusted with his response that I went to the manager, I tell him what happens then he tells me if you want to photograph here you must sign a release that if you sell your picture we get the money.

I’m so repulsed with the way photographers are treated in Kuwait, never have I been in a country which enforces laws not written in the constitution! Each police offices has his own rules that he enforces, that’s just insane, every country encourages photography to advertise their country why don’t we?!


4 thoughts on “I Want My Freeeeeeeeedooooooooooom

  1. if the next person tells u not 2 use a trypod u can tell them 2 bend over and place the cam on their back! xD secret is tell them u knw the owner and in 1 call u can make him disappear, unfortunately this how things happen in Q8

  2. you are totally right , i think you should mention the place and let people know what sector is actually going against the law by making laws from themselves since there is no one subject or rule in the constitution of kuwait that forbids people from taking pictures

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