Debate Debut

Hello guys and gals of KU, this post is dedicated to you!

So you might have heard the new about the debates that are going to start soon, we’ve actually booked the seminar room for next Monday and Wednesday (4th and 6th of April) to start choosing debaters for the debate team, it’s going to be fun and it’s going to be loud, so get ready, find a partner and come on the days written above at 12:30pm, we will be debating ’till 2 pm

Please be prepared to debate about one of the following issues:

1.    Resolved: Religion should not be taught in schools.
2.    Resolved: Fair trade must be implemented by law and anything else
persecuted by law.
3.    Resolved:  WeakiLeaks should be legalized.
4.    Resolved: The popular uprising in Libya should be aided by the
international community.
5.    Resolved: Every country should promote multiculturalism.
6.    Resolved: Kuwaitis should pay income taxes.
7.    Resolved: The UN Security Council should have no permanent members.
8.    Resolved: Strong dictatorship is better than weak democracy.
9.    Resolved: The veto power of UN Security permanent members should be

In conclusion, I’d like to thank Dr. Mohammad and Dr Lamees for their constant support :), in addition I’d like to thank YOU my dear reader for supporting this modest blog 😀


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