Debaters Start your Engines

Debaters Start your Engines, I just got the final word from Dr. Mohammad about the debates that are going to be held locally between KU, GUST AND AU, the confirmed topics are going to be as follows:
1. Resolved: Religion should be taught in schools in Kuwait.
2. Resolved: Fair trade must be implemented by EU law and anything
else persecuted.
3. Resolved: That stateless people should be entitled to Kuwaiti citizenship.
4. Resolved: That Kuwaiti’s should pay income taxes.
5. Resolved: That the UN security council should have no permanent members.
6. Resolved: That strong dictatorship is better than weak democracy.

All debaters must prepare all of the topics and a draw will be made before every debate out of a hat. Followed by a coin flip to determine which team will be
in the affirmative and which team will be in the negative.
The format of the debate will be as follows:



Affirmative:   A1_______ A2_______ A3 _______ A4_______
Negative:        N1______ N2 _______N3_______  N4_______

Chairman of the debate (Moderator): Preside over the debate. Welcome all present. State the purpose and importance of the debate, introduce the teams and the judges. Will time and regulate the conduct of the debate.
A1    The first speaker affirmative will define the topic, introduce the Affirmative team define their approach to the proposition and present one or two arguments. (With regards to the definition of terms the organizers will do this so the debaters will not argue on this. (It will be agreed beforehand). After his speech he gets cross examined by N1.
N1    The first speaker negative will agree to the definition of terms (determined beforehand), introduce the negative team and how they will argue, and present one or two arguments and rebut (refute and attack) the arguments of the first speaker (A1). He gets cross examined by A2.
A2    The second speaker affirmative will rebut (refute and attack) the opposing team (N1) and defend the arguments of the affirmative side. He will present one or two more arguments. He gets cross examined by N2.
N2 comes, followed by A3  then N4. The process is repeated until all the speakers in both sides have finished. Please note that A1 cross examines N4.
If this is not quite clear, I am willing to guide your respective debaters as to how to go about the procedure by demonstrating the sequence (without speaking of course) until they are comfortable with it.
When the constructive speeches and the cross examinations are done the respective captains of each team will give the summation and the concluding statements. Each captain will be given 3 minutes to do that. The captain of the negative speaks first then followed by the captain of the affirmative.
The affirmative opens the debate (first speaker) and closes the debate (last speaker is the affirmative captain).
Decision of the judges.


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