Congrats Debaters!

In the beginning I’d like to thank everybody who participated in the debates in addition to all who attended and supported the debate team,

it was a wild ride and we enjoyed every moment of it.

As for the matter of the people who got accepted to the debate team here is the e-mail I got from Dr. Mohammad,

“Congratulations on your fine debating skills. Every one of you had a moment of pure genius. As faculty, we were all excited and honored to be in your intellectual presence. With all honesty the competition was very close making our decision to formulate the team extremely difficult.

The following 8 students comprise the debate team competing on the 20th of April:








 8.Fahad H.

 If we only debate GUST and AUK then all 8 debate members will be debating. However, if ACK joins then we must reduce the team to four members. Hence, we will have a primary team and secondary team. The primary team comprises participants 1-4 with the secondary team comprising students 5-8. If ACK joins the competition then only the primary team will be debating as the rules will change and it will be a process of elimination. In an elimination event we cannot work on a rotational basis as we had done last term for you will be debating each university only once. However, if ACK does not join us then we will be debating GUST and AUK twice and you will be marked with points. The team with the most points wins. If this is the case, then we can have all 8 debaters and develop a rotation. Again you were all dynamic and inspiring. We hope that the event has been a great opportunity for you and we want to see you come back armed to the teeth to compete once again for future mock debates. Remember, we will be preparing a team for Doha for late September. Thank you again.”

Congratulations again to our debaters and good luck with the coming debates 🙂

Best wishes, Azeez and Fhaidan the i3lami team


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