Havin’ Fun

Hello everybody, hope no one is affected by the lovely weather outside, I just wanted to talk about a few events in my college life, ever since the semester started I’ve been having amazing experiences, I really believe I have grown a lot in these few weeks, I’ve experienced blogging, large scale photography, debating, writing, sketching, logo designing and even organizing my own debate team!

Blogging has been an amazing experience on it’s own has been very enlightening, I really believe it has helped me developed my writing skills, in photography I adore the idea of combining the elements of nature and the man made structures into one whole image of a beautiful land that always awhs, and inspires, debating is one of the most thrilling experiences that I ever had, there are little things that can give me the same rush that debating gives me, I’m actually writing this post while I’m sitting with the debate team in a practice, It’s something that everybody should try.

College life isn’t just about the academics, I urge you my dear reader to try as many extra curricular events as you can possibly try because when you’re old and grumpy, you won’t remember the books and you’ll probably forget most of the classes, but you’ll never forget these experiences that allow you to show your creativity, live, love and experience.


2 thoughts on “Havin’ Fun

  1. samething here abdulaziz i feel like I did something in this semester it was really fun experience that ill never forget and ill make sure to tell my kids later on! =P
    of course thanks to you and fahad. ^.^

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