This is for the sleepless nights

This is for the times when we stood together and won the fight

This is for our doctor who was our guide …through the darkness

he was the light

He pushed us so far

6:30 every day in that seminar

we were even immune to dust  ,and accepted the war

we faced GUST and took the cupcake jar

we ruled with our power of will

only God could judge us ..and we sent them straight to hell

eyes on the prize went straight for the kill

so pay attention

and learn a lesson ..

KU team is professing

next time if you see us you better run

because we’ll twist your minds and have some fun

this is for the sleepless nights ..

this is for the times when we stood together and won the fight

this is for our doctor who was our guide through the darkness ,he was the light .
By Isra’a Al-Rashed


7 thoughts on “Talent!

      I said Isra’a Al-Rashed, did I say which Isra’a Al-Rashed? 😛
      What proof do you have that you wrote this amazing peace of art (6)

      • >.> say what ? say mashallla ;o or i’ll run out of poems ;o …i can feel the talent leaving me *talent runs away * oh noooo ;@ and are we on youtube yet ? ;p

      • looooool it feels like a chatroom now ;p ..thank you thank you now i guess the talent is back ..xp i wonder how is the other debate team in qatar doing ..

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