I3lami.net is Against Internet Cap




Hello readers ,

Currently all ISPs in Kuwait are taking advantage of us ( users ) and trying to implement rules for their own advantage so they can maximize their profits.

We as kuwaiti internet users refuse this kind of unfair regulations , And i would like to bring to your attention that most of these companies if not all of them are breaking kuwaiti law, for their licenses are all expired And yet they brag about the cap limit like no one can stop them, Like they own the internet, Why in the world I pay +300KD for a 2mb connection while it’s much cheaper in the UAE OR QATAR OR any other GCC, this is just a close example!, I didnt even mention the US or other EU country.
Saddam has nothing on these thieves


Azeez and Fahad

this is the campaign hash tag in twitter #Q8Cap


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